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Get the FEE-ONLY advantage from Expat Wealth At Work!

Investing your money is one of the best decisions you can make for your future, and here at Expat Wealth At Work, we are big advocates of getting the experts to handle your investments and pension.

It’s very unlikely that by looking after your investments yourself, you’ll be able to make more money than the experts will (even considering the performance fee) – we have spent our professional lives learning and doing exactly that – growing people’s money sensibly over time.

Investing is a complicated area, and there’s a lot to it, the right investment accounts, the right portfolio, the right risk levels for every stage of your life, and your financial goals. And most importantly, using the right risk management techniques within the investments themselves. It takes a long time to master, and believe it or not, most people end up losing money when buying stocks and shares themselves.

Better still, investing and finance in general is often boring and very time consuming. Using experts means you can forget all about it. Let the experts worry about it. If you do it yourself, you need to be constantly monitoring and adjusting your portfolio to reflect your investment strategy.

Impartial financial advice for expats

With Expat Wealth At Work, we think we are one of the best options out there when it comes to financial advice for expats. One of the key things most people look for is quality of advice and service, and we come out at the very top for both – there’s a reason why we are popular with our clients.

Our investment performance is pretty much what you should expect, which is in-line with the industry and economy in general – steady growth over time (with ups and downs in line with the economy).

With long-term investing, that’s exactly what you want – you’re not looking for the highest return possible every year, that puts too much of your money at risk. That’s for high-risk investors, not people trying to grow their pension to have a better future.

The Traditional and Fee-Only Model

So, peace of mind with your money and investments, great customer service, good investment returns over the long-term, and for an all-in reasonable fee – 0.5% per year. Which is totally different from the rest of the expat financial advisors/IFA, and 8 times cheaper! They all use confusing fee structures, with some fees clear but others not clear at all. Plus, the ‘exit fees’, which means you can’t move your money in the first 5 years (unless you pay the fee).

Unlike 98% from expat financial advisories who receive “compensation” from the products that they sell, a FEE-ONLY advisor is only compensated by their clients. With a FEE-ONLY advisor, clients can be sure the advice they are receiving is free from conflicts of interest.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation.