Free No Obligation Investment Portfolio Review

Expat Wealth At Work Free No Obligation Portfolio Check-Up

Ensure that assets are invested in the best possible way, avoiding unpleasant surprises in the future.

To understand what might work in terms of investments, you have to take a look at the big picture. With scattered accounts, costs tend to rise, and performance is difficult to track. Our free, no-obligation portfolio analysis allows clients to see how they can increase returns and keep costs down. We can suggest potential performance drivers, analyse creditworthiness, and optimise a portfolio in terms of performance, tax management, and fees.

As in almost all areas of daily life, professionals have certain advantages over private individuals when it comes to investing. After all, they are dealing with this topic day by day and therefore have the necessary know-how and, in most cases, superior technology or software to support them. However, this is not to say that private investors cannot also achieve positive results on the financial markets, provided they avoid common missteps and take a systematic and methodical approach to investing.

We offer free portfolio analyses for anyone who wants to invest and manage their assets. Our service includes the evaluation of the portfolio structure and the efficiency of diversification, as well as suggestions for reducing costs, increasing performance, and optimising your tax burden.

What makes this service special in our case is that, for over three decades, we have gathered insights into a wide range of portfolios and identified a variety of approaches and strategies. In doing so, we have found that investors tend to make certain mistakes when managing their wealth.

Some of the most serious mistakes that can lead to continuous underperformance or even loss of capital are the following:

Common mistakes

• No systematic savings plan or investment approach

• Not having sufficient currency and international diversification

• One-sided portfolios and no efficient diversification

• Emotional investment decisions and overconfidence

• No transparency and clarity, which often leads to high fees

Every single portfolio analysis is individual, and of course, all our evaluations are carried out with the utmost discretion. Our analyses usually include the following:




ALIGNMENT between strategy and needs



In addition to highlighting any critical issues, the portfolio analysis contains recommendations and advice aimed at increasing expected returns, reducing risks, and minimising both costs and possible tax optimisation.

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