Expert Financial Advice

Expert Financial Planning & Investment Advice under one roof

We are here to help with Financial Planning, whether you need a second opinion on how to organize your investments or a Certified Pension Planner to analyze your current financial situation and give you advice on how to reach your goals.

Planning your Finances in a Holistic Manner

We take a comprehensive view of wealth management. Through in-depth conversation and careful planning, we help you achieve your financial goals. While we utilise proprietary research and a selection of services, you and your family will be able to increase your savings and/or enjoy a more stable income.

The Value of Expat Wealth At Work for Expats

We are an unaffiliated alliance with access to the whole market, unbiased research, and no potential for bias. We help you zero in on the best options, tailoring an investing plan to your specific risk tolerance and desired rate of return.

A Trusted Partner for over Two Decades

We have services and investment opportunities for both seasoned investors and those just getting started. With a track record of accolade-winning service and a ‘highest rated’ ranking in industry-wide client experience benchmarking, we are confident in our ability to provide superior results for our expat clients.

Totally Autonomous, we take a Global, Thematic Approach

Our investment strategy is global and thematic; we aim to comprehend the driving forces behind global transformation and the industries and companies most likely to feel its effects. These considerations guide the construction of diversified investment portfolios designed to weather economic storms. We find that investing in great-growth firms over the long term is the best strategy to generate positive returns.

An Accommodating Management or Consulting service

We will serve as your single point of contact and give you easy access to our full suite of Specialist Investment and Wealth Planning services, as well as our Tax and Trust knowledge, whether you choose to have us handle your investments or not. Depending on your level of expertise, available time, and needs, you can choose between our Managed and Consulting services. We also provide investing and saving software for novices who want to start with modest sums.

A Policy of Transparency on Fees

Our services are designed to be extremely cost-effective and versatile, and we offer them with a performance fee-only model. We provide prospective clients with detailed information on all fees and the features those fees enable across a wide range of services, thresholds, and tiers.

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