MiFID II, FCA and other regulations and protections

Clients’ money is invested via Luxembourg-based MiFID II-regulated entities in UCITS funds, which are considered very safe due to the stringent regulatory framework, transparency, and investor protection standards that are hallmarks of UCITS funds.

All our providers are regulated, as are the UCITS funds within them.


Some of the biggest custodian banks in the world, like JP Morgan, which oversees trillions of dollars in assets, frequently hold tier-one regulations, such as UCITS funds.


We will always notify you and include a statement on the application form if any solution is unregulated.


The best protection we can provide is to open third-party accounts with regulated third parties.


That means that if, God forbid, we and expatwealthatwork.com die, your money is safe as long as the third parties remain safe.


That provides adequate protection in 99% of circumstances. After all, those who control money are responsible for its safety.


However, occasionally, visitors to our website wonder if an X or Y regulator supervises Expat Wealth at Work.


Expat Wealth at Work is not MiFID II or FCA-regulated.


You may assume that expatwealthatwork.com is not subject to regulation by MiFID II, FCA or any other financial services regulator worldwide, unless otherwise stated throughout the purchasing process.


We do provide government-regulated solutions, such as through a Luxembourg-based provider; however, this only applies to our provider and the funds, not expatwealthatwork.com.


When dealing with any investment provider, you should not rely on redress for losses but rather on risk-return principles.


You may not file a complaint with any regulator in any nation. If you don’t agree with that, don’t use expatwealthatwork.com.


You agree not to sue expatwealthatwork.com, and you understand that the contract is between you and a third-party provider.


MiFID II or the FCA do not regulate us, and we do not actively market in the United Kingdom or the European Union. We only accept UK and EU expats, certified high-net-worth individuals, and non-solicited clients.


Singapore, the UAE, and Hong Kong


We only accept clients from Singapore, the UAE, and Hong Kong on a non-solicitation basis.


We make no assertions about being subject to MAS, DIFC, or any other regulatory body.


Regulatory requirements


While expatwealthatwork.com’s official position is that all our advice originates outside of your place of residence and that we cannot be held legally liable for this advice, we may be obliged to collect information such as tax numbers for legal reasons.


If you lie or fail to update us on any topic, such as your tax number, address, or anti-money laundering activities, we cannot hold you legally accountable.


Dispute settlement and jurisdiction


We are proud of our excellent client satisfaction percentage and the strong relationships we have with many of our clients.


As a result, it is highly unlikely that a disagreement will arise.


However, we will resolve all issues between us, and the proposed transaction will not give you any legal recourse in any country.


You do not have legal authority over Expat Wealth at Work.


In the unusual case of a disagreement, neither your country of residence nor our country of residence at the time you submit the claim, nor any of the countries in which we are incorporated at the time, will be used to resolve it.


We will resolve all issues between us, and any investments you make will not give you any legal recourse or jurisdiction in any country.


In the first instance, you will contact Expat Wealth At Work to resolve any disagreements or concerns. In the second case, you will talk with the investment provider we introduced you to.


You’ll never go any further than that.


American-sanctioned countries


We won’t entertain anybody from “American-sanctioned countries” such as Iran.


We reserve the right to refuse any client, from any country, for any reason.


We do not automatically exclude many countries, except for US residents, Iran, and other US-sanctioned places.


However, if you manage to enter in a business relationship with us despite lying about your country of residency or if you move to one of these countries after signing up but do not notify us, we cannot be held legally accountable.


The official attitude of expatwealthatwork.com is that if you are an American resident or a resident or citizen of an American-sanctioned country, you should not contact us for investing advice or guidance.


You should only read this website and not contact us.


United Arab Emirates residents


We do not solicit business in the United Arab Emirates and instead collaborate with locally regulated providers if clients approach us on a non-solicitation basis and prefer to deal with locally licenced products and services.


Fraudulent investments and investment funds collapse


We conduct rigorous due diligence on investment possibilities worldwide.


Fortunately, we have never been in a position where an investment was fraudulent.


However, in the past, successful investments have turned out poorly for other investment brokers.


For example, private investments that initially produced good profits until the owner launched a Ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff is the best-known example. Investment advisors, including those who conducted extensive due diligence on him, found nothing amiss with his funds.


We cannot be held liable for any money failures or fraudulent funds, even though we have never been in this situation.


Unregulated Investments


We occasionally provide unregulated assets because of their higher investment returns.


These investments, including Godwin Capital, might fall to zero. You will have no legal remedy for your losses.


The application form provides a detailed explanation of that.


Complaints Procedures


All concerns shall be directed solely to hello@expatwealthatwork.com. No client will file a complaint with an outside individual, company, or body.


If you cannot agree to this term, you should not use this website or any of its affiliates.


No disputes may take place in the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, the United States, your country of residency or citizenship, or any other country worldwide.


WhatsApp Communication


WhatsApp communications do not necessarily reflect the official position of expatwealthatwork.com.


Those messages are for guidance only, and we cannot be held legally accountable for them.


You undertake not to transmit the messages to any third parties, including enterprises, companies, or bodies.


The same is true for every other messenger programme, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, etc.


Telephone numbers


Just because we use a number doesn’t mean we’re regulated in that area.


For instance, despite using a UK WhatsApp number, Expat Wealth At Work is not subject to UK regulation. Likewise, someone with a UK number should not be deemed a licenced UK advisor.


We are not legally responsible for any assumptions you make.


If someone states we are regulated in a particular place, you should presume we are not.


We never keep money, we frequently employ unregulated solutions, and our regulated solutions are never regulated in the UK, EU, or other highly regulated countries.


All our viewpoints should be considered unregulated suggestions rather than regulated guidance.


We expect you to conduct your business based on trust, just like we do as consumers.




The only certainties in life are death and taxes. Even A-rated banking institutions, such as Lehman Brothers, can go insolvent.


If someone else uses the word guaranteed, it should be interpreted as “capital guaranteed subject to x and y terms and conditions.”.


This is also not the official position of expatwealthatwork.com. Our official position is that there are no guarantees in life or investment.


Investments that are capital-protected and insured do not imply a promise.


Legal recourse in general/capital at risk


The aforementioned actions will have no legal consequences in any country.


You do business with us at your own risk, based on trust. If you believe you need legal assistance and believe you may wish to file a claim against Expat Wealth at Work, you should only work with an adviser who is licenced in your home country or place of residence.


When investing, you should expect that your cash is in danger, that you could lose all of your money in an extreme circumstance, and that you have no legal redress.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above, you promise not to sue Expat Wealth At Work in any country or to disparage us on any online or offline platforms.


Expatwealthwealthatwork.com will not accept legal responsibility for any of the foregoing or any other claim made against us.


You also undertake not to seek “legal loopholes” or legal advice in any country that may violate this agreement.


If you are unwilling to accept that you have no legal recourse against any corporation, business, or individual in any country, court, or regulator, you should not engage with us in the first place.




You will not request a refund for any of our products or services.


Loan notes, individual stocks, bonds, and private investments.

In most circumstances, the following investments are high-risk:


·      Loan notes and other types of private debt

·      Individual stocks and bonds

·      Private Equity


In many cases, these investments are not part of any compensation plans. Loan notes can quickly default and are generally high-risk investments.


If you seek low- or medium-risk investments, avoid them and instead invest in lower-risk options.


You acknowledge that by investing in these instruments, you waive any legal rights against Expat Wealth At Work or the providers.


MiFID II and the FCA do not govern us; we merely act as an introduction to the financial firms. We shall not be accountable or liable for any losses.