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Say hello to Expat Wealth At Work

Expat Wealth At Work are experienced and passionate financial experts driven by helping expats achieve their lifestyle goals.

We have been providing financial advice to expats in South East Asia and the Middle East since 2010.

Our criteria:

  • Focus on financial planning, not investments
  • Only use low-cost funds, not actively managed funds
  • Only charge a performance fee and never be rewarded by commissions
  • Using evidence-based investing

In 2010, we were the first consultant in the expat world to only work with a performance fee , which was met with a lot of skepticism within the industry. We even refund commissions to our clients – this was considered unheard of at the time.

We focus on understanding our clients’ needs and holistic financial needs before recommending a product solution and we only use evidence-based investing in combination with low-cost funds.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help expats achieve their lifestyle goals and manage their wealth.

Lifestyle financial planning

It all starts with listening. To ignite YOUR passion for personal finance, we first need to find your “why. Tell us what you hope to achieve with life. Tell us about your hopes and dreams for yourself and your family. We look at your current financial situation and then create a plan for you that will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Life never works like a linear plan. We will be your trusted advisor to continually adjust your plan when life brings unforeseen changes.

Another important element in financial planning is ensuring that you are sufficiently protected to succeed in the event of premature death, disability, etc. We do this by taking a close look at your current insurance policies and global estate planning. We ensure that your assets reach your intended beneficiaries in an efficient manner.

Investment management

Your financial plan indicates how much risk you have to take to finance your desired lifestyle. We’ll also help you understand your ability and willingness to take risks – we both need to be able to sleep well at night!

We use an evidence-based approach to develop appropriate investment solutions to achieve your goals. This can result in multiple portfolios to meet different needs and time horizons. Such as a house deposit in 5 years, your child’s education in 10 years or retirement in 20 years.

The recommended implementation also takes into account any required fiscal planning.

Not your typical expat financial advisor


  1. We focus on advice, not selling products: 98% of expatriate financial consultancies do not offer real financial planning. We separate advice from products.
  2. Our rates are transparent: we charge a performance fee and receive no commissions. We are convinced that it is difficult for an advisor not to conflict with his product advice when he receives commissions.
  3. Our investment approach is academically led: we partner with Nobel Prize winning economists with cheap funds. Other advisors use expensive actively managed funds that generate inferior or negative returns.

For too long, expatriates have been targeted by financial salesmen selling products with high fees, unnecessary structures and expensive underperforming funds.

We don’t take commissions, we don’t sell products. We are different.

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