What We Do

We help expats reach financial goals, grow and manage their wealth


Flexible Financial Planning for Life

Whatever your current financial situation, we are here to craft and implement a financial plan that will fund you through your life and meet your long-term goals.

As we all know, life is a roller-coaster ride, so our consultants make sure they join you on your personal journey to adapt your financial plan in the face of life’s ups and downs. The aim is to keep you on track to realise your hopes and dreams, and maintain your lifestyle.

Your financial plan also includes adequate protection for yourself and your loved ones in the event of unforeseen disasters like premature death, disability or a medical crisis. We thoroughly review your current insurance policies and world-wide estate planning to ensure your assets are bestowed as you wish, efficiently and timeously.

Choosing and managing your investments is the crucial part of your financial plan. We build suitable portfolios to fund your individual lifestyle requirements and the amount of risk you are willing – or feasibly can – undertake. Our approach to investment solutions is evidence-based, and comes along with any required tax planning.

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Our Financial Planning Process

Our ethos is to focus on understanding clients’ financial needs holistically, not merely to sell investment products. We listen to what you hope to achieve with your money, and look at what your current financial situation is. Then we build you a plan to reach those long-term goals.

We have a formula for our financial planning process:



Discovery Interview

We first assess your financial position by getting to know you, your goals and your current financial position.


Data Gathering

Next, we make sure we have a complete picture of your financial world and may ask for additional investment statements, insurance policies, tax and legal documents. We are always looking to identify gaps and redundancies in our clients' finances, and with our holistic approach, we often find opportunities to do more with less.


Plan Analysis & Development

We bring your unique data to our team and analyse how different recommendations and strategies apply to your financial picture. By pulling from various internal and external resources, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to provide you with the best outcome.


Plan Presentation & Delivery

After developing a comprehensive plan, we educate you on the "why" behind the "what" before presenting our recommendations. We want you to understand your finances in your terms.


Plan Implementation

We help you take action and implement our recommendations. Our platform allows us the freedom to offer our clients a wide range of investments and protection strategies from a plethora of industry leading companies. Being fully licensed makes it possible to act in a fiduciary capacity throughout our planning and investment advisory relationships.


Monitor & Update

Finally, we don't disappear. We have a robust service model that means we periodically sit down and reevaluate your goals and finances and we continue to monitor and adjust your finances as you progress through life. As the world evolves around all of us, our goal is to continue to earn your trust and your business for decades and generations to come.

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Discover the Difference

Expat Wealth At Work prides itself in being far from the run-of-the-mill financial consultancy firm you’ve probably dealt with in the past.

Years of experience in providing financial advice to expats – mainly across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America – taught us a valuable lesson which we don’t want to be part of. There is wide-spread scepticism of the reliability of the expat financial consultancy industry because most practitioners tend to be “commissions chasers”, their own profit motive more important than the interests of their expat clients.

We are determined to turn this sorry state of affairs on its head. We do things differently, and, we believe, correctly. Our business ethics are to:

  • Focus on financial planning, not investments
  • Use only low-cost funds, not actively managed funds
  • Charge a transparent performance fee only and not being remunerated by commissions
  • Use evidence-based investing


Our clients find us conscientious, principled, honest and sincere in our dealings with them, which is why most are committed to a long-term relationship with our firm.

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