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Why Choose Expat Wealth At Work as Trusted Advisor?

Money isn’t a dress rehearsal. As an expat, your financial choices might affect your fortune. Finding a trusted financial consultant to make smarter decisions is difficult. Because anyone may call themselves a “financial advisor” in the expat financial services market. Insurance agents, bank clerks, and real estate agents use it.

Look for the following characteristics to actually tell if your financial advisor has your best interests in mind: In the end, your route takes you to a consultant who only accepts performance-based fees.

#1: The fiduciary oath is the first legal duty that your advisor has.

A fee for performance: the only financial consultant is an independent advisor set up as a registered investment advisor, and he owes his expat clients a fiduciary obligation, which requires him to put their interests ahead of his own.

In real life, this translates to complete transparency in the advice you are given. Your advisor’s only motivation is what is best for you, and nothing else. The relationship you have with an advisor is the most sincere one you can have. On the same side of the table as each other, you sit.

Reasons Expat Wealth At Work Adhere to the Fiduciary Oath

Sincerely, it removes the “sales” element from your interaction with us. There isn’t a speedy sale, a “not to be missed opportunity,” or “guaranteed” returns. The level of care required to act properly and in your best interest is increased by taking the fiduciary oath.

“Is the advice appropriate and in your best interest? These are the two criteria that a fiduciary must satisfy. The only method we are aware of to do that is to be completely upfront about our fees and base our advice on financial strategies.”

#2: The revenue sources for your advisor: no commissions or product sales

A decent first step is for advisors to take the fiduciary oath. This does not guarantee that you will obtain conflict-free advice , though. When incentives are involved, conflicts develop. It’s not about offering you advice that’s in your best interests. Everything depends on how your advisor decides to provide you with advice.

A higher degree of accountability

It is simple to claim that a certain product is in your best interest, such as a life insurance policy (a portfolio or investment bond). But how do you know that your financial advisor is not recommending that you buy a very expensive life insurance policy that earns him hefty commissions, given that commissions and fees are involved with the sale of that policy? The conflict of interest is the result.

You wish that your adviser wouldn’t only recommend products for which they receive the highest commissions. But why run the risk?

A financial advisor who is compensated on the basis of performance will be totally unbiased in regards to the solutions you require and the suggestions he makes.

By working with a fiduciary, you have already cleared the first obstacle. You may ensure that as many conflicts of interest as you can are eliminated by including a performance fee compensation system. There are three key advantages to using a fiduciary financial advisor with a performance fee:

  • Your advice is not given in accordance with product sales.
  • You are aware of the fees that are assessed and how they are paid.
  • Your advisor will be impartial in recommending the best product if you require one.

“A fiduciary relationship guarantees that your best interests are put first. The fixed fee structure adds an additional level of transparency by including a performance fee.”

#3: A commitment to improving: Certified Pension Planner

Your financial advisor’s “Certified Pension Planner” accreditation demonstrates that they have attained the rigorous education and experience requirements to manage the complexity of your financial situation. We won’t get into the specifics of the exam here, but typically it takes 1-3 years to become eligible. So you must be successful! Making this sacrifice demonstrates how seriously one takes one’s job. In the field of expat financial planning, it is the only method to distinguish between wealth managers and hustlers looking to make a quick buck.

You can discover more about the significance of the “certified” title, in particular, by using the systematic approach. When you engage with us, we develop and create your financial plan according to the “Certified Pension Planner” process:

  • Establish a connection.
  • Gather information and create goals.
  • The examination and assessment of your financial status.
  • View recommendations.
  • Your style of behaviour.
  • Keep an eye on your progress and portfolio.

These standards are followed in every financial plan we create to guarantee thorough research and unique recommendations.

“Anyone can use the term financial advisor. But CERTIFIED has to be earned!”

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